Are You Constantly Stressed And Exasperated By A Key Relationship Or Relationships In Your Life? 

Are You Tired Of The Misunderstandings, The Blame, And The Conflict? 

Do You Wish Things Were Different, But Not Know How To Change These Dynamics?

I’m Susan Morrison, and I’m a Communication & Relationship Success Coach.  I specialize in teaching you communication and relationship skills, so that you can experience successful, effective, and satisfying relationships with those most important to you.

This could include your spouse or significant other, a family member, a business partner, you name it!  And yes, even if the other person doesn’t participate in this transformation!


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“Relationship & Communication “8 Keys to Creating Amazingly Practical tools to go from conflict to
Needs Assessment” Successful Relationships” creating harmonious relationships

My clients learn to:

  • Visualize and define what they’d like their ideal relationship(s) to look like
  • Clearly communicate their needs
  • Communicate feelings without putting other person on the defensive
  • Negotiate and make requests in a way that is much more likely to get agreement
  • Discern the difference between what they can and can’t control
  • Release long-standing grudges and resentment
  • Set healthy boundaries and respectfully honor agreements
  • Experience greater gratitude, appreciation, and acknowledgement in their relationship(s)

In essence, my clients learn to “take back their power” in a way that is constructive for all!

Client1“After over 13 years, of individual and group therapy sessions, after my first session, working with Susan, I gave up an old belief about myself and experienced my heart and who I really was in a whole new way!” I healed this old pattern and am free to be who I really am now and to create healthy and satisfying relationships.
– Maribeth Decker –Massage Therapist
Client2“I became aware of a deep fear that blocked my ability to communicate my needs and truth to others, especially in dating situations, when coaching with Susan. She helped me to realize I was making up a story about how a man I was dating was thinking! From the place of connecting with my heart, I healed this old wound and now experience the freedom and joy of expressing what is true for me in all my relationships, especially with the men in my life. Now I am dating an amazing man, after 5 years of not dating!” Thank you Susan!- Antje Jahnke –Berkley Graduate Student and Nanny
“Susan helped me to become aware of a pattern of how I put others’ needs and concerns ahead of my own and had avoided speaking with my boyfriend of many years about how I really felt because of being afraid of how he would react. The next day, after a session with Susan, I felt empowered and told him truthfully how I was feeling, while setting healthy new boundaries, which was much easier than I thought it would be. As a result, it felt like a weight was lifted from me, and I felt relieved and so alive and free!
– Michelle Rauld – School Psychologist

Imagine feeling fully alive and authentic in relating with others, effectively sharing your needs and requests, and co-creating fulfilling partnerships where you feel heard, respected, and honored.

You deserve this and more!

So, if you’re experiencing a key relationship in your life that is causing strife, or you tend to have failed relationships in general (where communication is poor and conflict is high), you’ve come to the right place.

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